Welcome to City of Yerusalem Capital of Nation of Yisraal

"We the People of the Covenant want to Serve You"

About Us

Our mission is to educate you on your Heavenly home from above and how to apply the universal laws of peace in your life to be healthy, prosperous, secured and restore your hope in peace with family value, love and long life. The Order of Peace was restored by the Counsel of Peace with the Covenant of Peace to restore peace here on Earth and with all creation. The whole world wants peace, but couldn't without the Order of Peace. The Nations are the scatter families of Abraham that have been waiting for the promise of the rest. This family is known as YISRAAL, who will restore peace to the earth.

Why You Should Join Us

If your vision is for a world of peace and you are a peacemaker, this is the place you should be.

 If you want a future for your children in a World of Peace, this is the place you should be.

If you want to learn what true peace is, this is the place you should be.

If you want to be educated in peace and become a peacemaker, this is the place you should be.

If you are a Peacemaker,  Join us to Help Create Peace.

A Big Thanks

Thank You, for visiting the Future Order of Government in Yerusalem (Jerusalem). Yerusalem is the throne of the scatter families of the promise of Abraham, who makes up the Nation of Yisraal. The word "Nation" represents a family of peace who are scatter across the globe seeking to reunite as a Holy Nation. Yerusalem is the seat of the Order of Peace, and is the Holiest City of Yisraal. Those who makes up this community are the future leaders of peace. Remember to Aid in the Support of Yerusalem Here.

Government Offices

The Order of Peace is structured to operate with the utmost proficiency and efficiency through Five Main Ministerial Branches, called Offices. Having five branches is not of itself the only pattern of governance prescribed by the Order of Peace. It is simply the mechanism or structure put in place by which the GOP has chosen to orchestrate its government according to the laws and precepts of the Order of Peace. These laws and precepts brings about peace among all people with the hope to enjoy the benefits that come with truly becoming a ASSET.

A. Administration   S. Secretary   S. Security   E. Education   T. Treasury


Yisraal is Isaac and Yishmaal

"Both Brothers are Hebrew"

The Nation of Yisraal was established based upon the Covenant with Abraham being the Father of Nations and Sarah being the Mother of Nations. Their two sons Isaac and Yishmaal is Yisraal. Remember Israel is incorrectly misspell. The Correct Hebrew spelling is Yisraal. The two sons makes up the 24 Seats of the Senate. International Peace can be established by these two brothers of the covenant of peace through the Order of Peace that has been restored by the Counsel of Peace. These two brothers are Hebrew. The world tries to make it look as though they hated each other, but not so. As long as there are intruders in the land pretending to be the promise people, there will never be peace. The Time has come to unite and renew our covenant with Yahweh Our Heavenly Father.

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